Mistress, will there be any nudity in the session on your part?

No, only you will be nude.


Mistress, how can I serve you if I am in a different country or far a way from your location?

I will fly to your location if you pay my travel expenses, the session tribute, and my time online.  Ticket and deposit in advance are required.


Mistress, I am a novice, can I serve you?

I am happy to train novices, provided that you understand how to behave and what your BDSM interests are.

Mistress, I don’t have money, but I would like to serve you.

Think about my lifestyle.  My time, toys, outfits, keeping my knowledge up to date, even day to day living cost money, a lot of money.  You should support that. However if you are lucky, you may meet me in person at some fetish party or fetish ball.


Mistress, I am looking for a BDSM relationship. My dream is to serve you 24/7.

There is a possibility if you meet my high standards which include your financial status, looks, experience, and personality. An extended period of getting to know you through regular sessions would be required.

Mistress, how can I please you and make you happy?

Study to really understand domination and submission, and support Me in any way that you are able.


Mistress, I can’t have any marks on my body, but I do want a hardcore session.

I can find a way to torture you and make you suffer without leaving any marks. No problem.


Mistress, what is your dream so I can support it?

My dream is to travel to different destinations and play.


Mistress, for the last couple of years you seemed to disappear, where have you been?

I’ve been traveling around the world. Mostly I’ve been in Asia, Europe and Central America.


Mistress, are there any dungeon or incall sessions available?

Currently I only offer outcall sessions with a domestic setting. I will bring the necessary toys for the session. In some locations I have connections that would allow you to rent a dungeon where you could serve me.


How much does a session cost?

Session price varies depending on several things.  These include session location, length of session, and session type.  See my Book a Session page for more detail.